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Promotional Requirements

Administrative Regulation

Middle School Promotion Ceremonies And Activities

AR 5127


Students must complete all district adopted promotion requirements prior to participation in promotion ceremonies and activities; plans to complete said requirements at a later date are not sufficient.

The Superintendent or designee shall identify other school-sponsored awards which may be given out during promotion ceremonies. A separate awards program may be held to recognize students receiving other school and non-school awards.

Students may not participate in promotion ceremonies if there are outstanding debts at the date and time of said ceremonies.

Students may not participate in a school’s promotion ceremony unless enrolled at that school at the date and time established for determining the promotion roster.

Students are not eligible to participate in a school’s promotion ceremonies if they have been subject to suspension or expulsion proceedings on the date of the activities.

Eighth Grade Promotion Ceremony Eligibility

Eighth grade promotion ceremony requirements:

  1. A score of 50% or above on Smarter Balanced Assessments in Math and English Language Arts or score “BASIC” on an alternate district-approved assessment in 8th grade.
  1. GPA of 2.0 in 8th grade year.
  1. Suspensions Allowed: 10 days or less in 8th grade.
  1. Excused or Unexcused Absences: 15 days or less for 8th grade. The school site Promotion Committee will meet with parents/guardians to decide whether extenuating medical circumstances caused the absences. If absences exceed the allowable number, the student may petition the school site Promotion Committee to request an approved plan.
  1. All financial obligations must be cleared prior to participation in the ceremony.

Students must meet these requirements in order to participate in any promotion ceremony or 8th grade end-of-year activities.

Any student who does not complete one of the aforementioned competencies may request a hearing before the Promotion Ceremony Review Panel. This panel will consist of the student, parent(s)/guardian(s), teacher(s) and an administrator. This panel will review the advisability of differential standards based on assessed need. Students identified as RSP or Special Day Class will meet standards as established through their Individual Learning Plan (IEP). English Learners must demonstrate adequate yearly progress through multiple assessment measures, i.e. CELDT, textbook assessments, and writing samples.


approved:         April 20, 1998  Reedley, California

revised: August 16, 2005

revised: June 5, 2007

revised: June 23, 2009